Cliché vs. Catch Phrase

According to Jesus, people have the tendency to talk about Christ but not practice the commandments of the Gospel. In the book of Mark chapter 7 verse 7, Jesus sternly warns against this hypocrisy by saying, “Their worship of me is worthless, because they teach human rules as doctrines.” (International Standard Version, 2008)  It is incumbent for true believers to validate their genuineness to Christ by consistently discerning God’s Word from human rules, opinions, and clichés. Moreover, once the distinction is known, believers always choose to obey God rather than man. Apostle Peter exemplified this type of thinking and behavior in Acts 5:29, “But Peter and the apostles answered, We must obey God rather than men.”  He made this statement in the face of certain persecution, to illustrate the importance of being loyal to God’s Word.

The Information Age offers a different challenge to present day true believers. They must discern between the human rhetoric perpetually transmitted on a global scale, and the pure Gospel which Peter proclaimed “must be obeyed.” This process takes place in the human heart, and the individual mind makes the choice. Are the words you treasure just human cliché? Or do you live your life according to the catch phrases of God? Either way the choice is perpetually yours, Cliché  or Catch Phrase, God or man?

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