continued: Cliché vs. Catch Phrase

To accurately clarify the difference between a cliché and a catch phrase, we will let the Holy Bible be the judge. If a saying can be found in the Bible and it’s meaning promotes everlasting life, it is a catch phrase. If a saying cannot be found in the Bible and it promotes death and mediocrity, it is a cliché. In other words, all Catch Phrases can be found in the Bible (100%), and no Clichés can be found in the Bible (0%). By using this formula you can determine the validity of any conversation by simply looking it up in the Bible, if it’s not there it is a cliché (of human origin). Please use this link to BIBLOS if you need help looking up sayings of interest This site contains a Biblical search engine which pinpoints word and sentence inquiries according to their Bible relevance.If a word or sentence is in the Bible, BIBLOS will locate it an offer it to you in the translation of your choice. Enjoy!

According to Jesus, eternal life requires us to read the Gospel and follow its instructions (John 8:51). However, the anti-gospel of the world bombards the human mind with cliché sayings that are exactly the opposite of God’s Word. In order to “clear the air”, we will focus on three major clichés that effectively make people live unhappy lives, and eventually die.

 1. “We all gotta go sometime?”    2. “Nobody’s perfect?”    3. “We are all in the same boat?”

2B continued…

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